Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Little Girl’s Winter Outfit

First off I want to say a HUGE thank you to all of you that commented yesterday.  It really appreciate your kindness.  I read every single one of them and they really helped a lot.  I was surprised by how many of you have gone through similar situations.  Thank you all so much!

I have three boys and then one girl.  I waited a long time to have a little girl and now that I have one, I absolutely love to make little outfits for her to wear, especially ones she can wear to church.  I had so much fun making her a Christmas skirt, that I decided to make her a winter outfit. 
Red Christmas 12-23 (10)
This is how I made her outfit:
I went looking through her closet and she didn’t have anything that was red, so I decided to take a shirt that was too little and make it into a little cardigan.  For a full tutorial on how I did this, check out this post.   
winter outfit (1)
First I cut off the bottom of it and then cut it down the middle.  Then I off the sleeves to make them shorter too.
winter outfit (2)
I hemmed the sleeves, bottom and middle.  Then using the left over fabric from the bottom, I made ruffles for middle.
winter outfit (9)
My daughter want a little button, so I added some elastic and a button to the inside so she could close it.
winter outfit (10)
Doesn’t she look so cute in it? 
Red Christmas 12-23 (4)
For the skirt, I just did a regular circle skirt, but then added some tulle to the bottom of it when I was hemming the bottom.  For her skirt, I cut a 25x25 inch square and then the radius was the inner circle was 3”.
winter outfit (3)
Using my Expressions 2, I cut out some snowflakes out of glitter heat transfer (LOVE that stuff!).  I used pressure 4 and depth 4. 
winter outfit (4)
I weeded the excess heat transfer. 
winter outfit (5)
I then ironed on the snowflakes.  I just love how it looks at the bottom.  Wouldn’t this be so cute with stars for the 4th of July?  I think so!
winter outfit (6)
I added some elastic to the top of it.  And that’s it, super easy!
winter outfit (7)
I love the sparkle and design of those snowflakes.
winter outfit (8)
She loved wearing it too!
Red Christmas 12-23 (5)
Little girls are so much fun!
Red Christmas 12-23 (10)

I would love it if you followed along.
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Samantha said...

She looks so cute in that outfit! I love the red and turquoise together too. The skirt looks long enough that as long as the elastic stretches it'll probably fit next year too?

AmberRay said...

She is adorable and the outfit is too!

Suzanne Winter said...

what a fun skirt and outfit!!!

Melissa said...

What an adorable outfit and the red/turquoise duo is my favorite color combination these days!! :)

isela Leon said...

Way to adorable! You really have the craft gift... and the worse, you make me want to have a baby girl!! My son is already 18!! :) thanks! I always enjoy seeing your ideas :)

isela Leon said...

Way to adorable! You really have the craft gift... and the worse, you make me want to have a baby girl!! My son is already 18!! :) thanks! I always enjoy seeing your ideas :)

Ashley said...

That is really cute! I love the idea of making their clothes that are too little into something wearable. I'll have to do that for Amelia. :)

Stubbed Toe said...

So stinking cute! One day I will get a silouette or something so I can do those fun things!

Leanne said...

Now I want a little girl too! That is just so cute, I love the way you have worked with what you had and added in something new too! Great way to make things last a bit longer :)

Carol Pack Urban said...

She looks so darling in her winter outfit. I love her dimples!

Gallegos Newsletter said...

Absolutely adorable!

gypsyrps said...

That is amazing! I love it! Where do you get your glitter heat transfer? Are there any tricks to applying it?
Love going green! Your daughter is adorable. Definitely worth the wait!