Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Halloween Candy Bars {Free Printable}

I think that fun holiday treats are so much fun.  They are great to make for your kids, grand kids, neighbors or for a class party.  Well these are super cute and so easy to make (I did all the hard work, you just have to print, cut and tape).   

Halloween Candy Bars
Some of my most pinned posts involve these faces, on my Spooktacular 2x4s and my Halloween cans game.  I just love how they look, so I wanted to use them for these candy bars.  Well I didn't want to have to put vinyl on 30 different candy bars, so I made them into a printable.  In order to do that, I cut vinyl out with my Silhouette, put them on white paper and then scanned them into my computer.  
Halloween Candy Bars (1)
This is how I made the candy bars:
I printed the free printable.  I just used colored printer paper not card stock.  
Halloween Candy Bars (2)
I cut the faces.  It depends on what candy bars you use, there are different dimensions.  For the Mars bars, I cut them 3 5/8" wide and 2 1/2" long.  And for the Hershey's bars I cut them 3 1/4" wide and 3" long.  These would work for most of the mini candy bars, I just don't know how big to cut them.  I really liked the look of the flat Hershey's bars (I just like the taste of the Mars ones better).  I'm thinking Kit Kat would be great.  
Halloween Candy Bars (3)
All you have to do is wrap the paper over the candy bar and tape it.  I used washi tape because it's cute :).
Halloween Candy Bars (4)
For the mummy (it's my favorite one), I used the left over strips and glued it onto the bar and then inked it with a brown stamp pad.
Halloween Candy Bars (6)
And for the witch, I just cut out a hat with scissors.  I even just drew it myself but it could easily be done with a machine.
Halloween Candy Bars (5)
And that's it!  They are easily so easy to make.  I made 10 in about 5 minutes.  
Halloween Candy Bars (9)
I think they turned out so cute and can't wait to give them out at the Halloween party.  
Halloween Candy Bars (8)

**** UPDATE I made some jokes to go on the back of these candy bars, you can get the printable for that here ****

#ad Halloween-candy-bar-wrappers-with-Halloween-jokes-printable #BooItForward (7)

Here is a fun video to show how I make these candy bars (and to show how easy it really is to make them :D).  

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