Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Minecraft Kids Craft Idea: Melty Bead Tools #kidscraft #minecraft

This past week my husband was out of town for a business trip.  Whenever he leaves, I like to plan out the week and do fun things with the kids, to help the time go more smoothly.  My kids love melty beads but I don't get them out too often.  Well I got them out last week and it was awesome!  We spent 4 hours (okay, I spent 4 hours, the kids only lasted about 1-2 hours) making things.  Melty beads are PERFECT for Minecraft because they look exactly like the pictures.  The kids had so much fun, that the next morning they did more! 
Minecraft-melty-beads #kidscraft #minecraft
They are very simple to make, just a little time consuming.  Here is the creeper I made before melting it with the iron.
Minecraft-melty-beads #kidscraft #minecraft (1)
For the tools and swords, I just looked at pictures online.  I found that tweezers are very helpful when it comes to taking them out.
Minecraft-melty-beads #kidscraft #minecraft (2)
Here are my boys doing it.  They were able to make the tools all by themselves.  I made them first and then they copied mine.  Or they looked it up online.
Minecraft-melty-beads #kidscraft #minecraft (3)
This is what we made.  We actually made several more that didn't make the pictures.  I now know all of my Minecraft tools, are you proud of me? :)
Double emerald sword, gold sword, iron sword and diamond sword.
Minecraft-melty-beads #kidscraft #minecraft (8)
Creeper, Steve and TNT.
Minecraft-melty-beads #kidscraft #minecraft (9)
Bow and arrow, diamond axe, torch, iron pic axe, iron hoe and gold (butter) shovel.
Minecraft-melty-beads #kidscraft #minecraft (10)
My kids even made them into necklaces.  Here is a emerald pic axe that he made and turned into a necklace.  He even got a compliment on it when we went to town that day.


Laura Henckel said...

Ahhhhhh! If the trend sticks, we are SO doing this as a birthday activity for a minecraft themed party next year. Thanks!

Laura Henckel said...

Oh, and I've never understood the butter thing- does that make sense to you? My now 6 year old would get so upset at it being called butter - because it was quite obviously gold to him.

Holy Craft said...

My kids made these exact same things over Christmas break! They took the initiative on their own and went to town. Love those perler beads!

Brittany Evans said...

We loved playing with these melty beads as kids! My sister had a big tub of beads and a few of the cool plastic shapes you could do. We thought she and her melty beads were so cool!! So fun!