Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Minecraft Idea: DIY Minecraft Backpacks

Today is the first day of school!!  Woohoo!!  I'm so excited.  Three of my boys are now in elementary school.  When we were shopping for backpacks I was looking at all of the different characters and saw that they were around $20, yikes!!  I told my boys that they could pick out a back pack but if they picked out a plain one (they were only $10) that I would turn them into Minecraft backpacks.  Two of them liked that idea, so I made them some awesome Minecraft back packs.
DIY Minecraft BackPack
This is how I made them:
I took a regular gray back pack.
DIY Minecraft BackPack (4)
Using my Silhouette CAMEO, I cut some creepers and an endermen.  I also rearranged some squares into their names.  I then peeled away the vinyl and left the excess vinyl (the stuff that you would usually pull off).
DIY Minecraft BackPack (3)
I then used some transfer tape and put the vinyl onto the back pack.
DIY Minecraft BackPack (5)
I then painted the creeper and name.  Since the back pack didn't lay flat, it was a little tricky to get perfect lines on the paint.  But it still looked good.
DIY Minecraft BackPack (6)
I pulled off the vinyl and let it dry.
DIY Minecraft BackPack (7)
Then I colored in the face.  
DIY Minecraft BackPack (8)
And here are my boys wearing their backpacks.  
DIY Minecraft BackPack (12)
They were being so goofy while I was trying to take pictures.  I think they are just as excited about school as I am :)
DIY Minecraft BackPack (16)


Cindy Lloyd said...

These are so cute! How well did the paint hold up? I'm so afraid that the paint will peel right off, or simply fall off.

Kaysi said...

The paint did just fine! It lasted the whole school year (the backpacks however did not, the zippers frayed and broke)