Monday, October 6, 2014

DIY Star Wars Light Saber Idea #SparkRebellion #CollectiveBias

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I am a huge Star Wars fan.  My kids are huge Star Wars fans. 
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So when we heard that there is going to be a new movie and series on Disney XD called Star Wars Rebels , we were very excited about it.  The movie came out on DVD this Friday and will be exclusively at Walmart until 10/13.  I got it there and planned a few activities for my kids do to get them excited about it (not that they needed to get excited, they already were).  So I picked up some toys and some things to make the awesome light sabers
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I got the movie and this fun Hasbro toy to play with during and after the movie.  We made a fun evening out of it.  The evening was just filled with Star Wars!  The force was strong among us.
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While we watched the movies, we made the light sabers.

This is how we made the light sabers.
I used a wrapping paper tube.  It's that time of year to get lots of wrapping paper, so you might as well save the tubes for this fun craft.
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I painted the tubes with spray paint.  You could also use tape to color them if you didn't want to use paint.  I then cut out some silver vinyl in circles and strips so they could decorate them.
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I let my kids just start wrapping the electrical tape around the tube.
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Then they put the vinyl onto the tape on the tube. 
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And that's it.  Seriously so easy and so fun!  These would be perfect for a costume or for a birthday party!  The little one is made out of a paper towel tube.
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After the movie, we enjoyed playing with them.  The kids had a blast and the tubes were soft enough that they could actually play fight.
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My baby loved his too.
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After we had our fun light saber fights, the kids created the #SparkRebellion with these little action figures. 
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You can't have a fun evening with a movie without a treat.  I found these awesome light saber suckers, they were perfect for our Star Wars evening!
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Janet Krugel said...

You're such a fun mom to set up a movie party like this! #client