Thursday, December 18, 2014

Men’s Gift Idea- Date Night Basket and Freedom to be Spontaneous

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Is it just me or are men really hard to shop for?  We are at the stage in our lives that if we want something, we buy it.  We don't wait until a holiday or a birthday to get it.  So when it comes time to buy my husband a gift, I struggle with it because he really doesn't want anything and the things he needs (like socks or clothes) just aren't much fun as presents.  

I was recently joking around with a friend and said that when it comes to guys all they need is food and you :).  So I took that idea and ran with it.  I actually thought that it would be a fun idea to give him food and quality time with me.  So I made him a basket full of different date nights.  I think that it's really important to continue to date your spouse.  To continue to have fun and keep that flame burning because sometimes with kids wearing us down, the flame can burn out.  I'm hoping that this basket helps us to have more one on one time and give us the freedom to be spontaneous
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I picked up several things that I thought would make some fun date nights. Then I created a fun coupon book to go with each date.  Some dates will involve going out and some will just be at home when we can't find a sitter and we need some quality time together. I made it a printable so people can print it out too.
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I cut out all of the coupons.
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And then I put it together with some baker's twine.  I left some blank coupons so that he could pick some date nights too.
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One of the date nights was a game night.  So I picked up a game that we used to play together all the time when we were first married.  I also got some of our favorite candy.
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Another date was a movie night.  We could go buy some movie tickets and go to the theater.  Or we could just watch a new movie at home with some popcorn, so I bought him a new movie and some popcorn.
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Another one was a romantic evening.  For that I got some K-Y® Liquibeads (for me) and some gum (because bad breath is not fun :) ). 
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I got the K-Y Liquibeads for me from Walmart, they were located in the women's section.  There is also a $1 off coupon any K-Y products, woohoo! 
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The reason why I got them is because they help with dryness.  Oh the joys of getting older and having 5 kids....  They are just nice to have so when #TheMoodStrikes I'll be ready.  They are simple to use and come with a bead and applicator so it's simple to put inside your body and there's no mess.  It comes with 6 beads and 6 applicators. You just put the bead inside the tip of the applicator and then you insert it just like you would a tampon.  You can use it every 3 to 4 days to help with dryness. If you're pregnant or nursing, consult a doctor before use. 
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I put it all into the basket, included the coupon book and a gift card to a steak house and then wrapped some ribbon around it to make it pretty. 
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I think that this is one gift that my husband will be excited about using :).   
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What are you getting your spouse this year?


Summer @ Banana Hammocks & Tutus said...

So, I got my husband some really UNsexy gifts for Christmas this year. He got a sweater, a couple work shirts, a couple casual shirts, a wooden watch, a soundbar, and a gluten-free bread cookbook because he just found out he has Celiac Disease. This is a really fantastic gift basket! I could put something together like this and put it in his car one night for him to get his wheels turning as he drives home. Thanks for the fantastic printable! #client