Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Amazing Chocolate Fudge Cake with DOVE® Fruit #LoveDoveFruits

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Chocolate, it's amazing.  It's my best friend some days :).  But seriously I love chocolate!  I'm always looking for a great recipe to make that is not only amazing but easy to make.  This chocolate fudge cake is just that!  It has whip cream topping and the DOVE® Fruit topping makes it even better! 
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DOVE® Fruit is a new candy that is whole fruit covered with their amazing chocolate.  It's so good.  It comes in three flavors, blueberry, cranberry and cherry.  I got these snack sized ones at Walmart.  I found them in the front of the store by the check outs.  Right now they have an awesome coupon that you can get $1.00 off.  You should try these, trust me, you won't be disappointed! 
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I ended up getting cranberries and blueberries and was so excited to bake with them!
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For the chocolate fudge cake, this is what you'll need:
1 chocolate cake mix, whatever kind you like 
Eggs, water and oil- the amounts the cake mix states
1 jar of hot fudge (you can use caramel too)
1 tube of frozen whip cream
1 can of sweetened condensed milk
1-2 bags of DOVE® Fruit 
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1) Mix together the cake mix according to the instructions on the box.  I used a bundt cake pan for it.  I sprayed and coated the pan with flour before putting in the cake.
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2) Bake the cake for 35-40 minutes (or how ever long the box says) at 350 degrees.  Then let sit for 15 minutes to cool.
3) Using a plastic or wooden spoon, poke holes into the cakes every 1-2 inches.
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4) Drizzle the milk into the holes of the cake.  Let the cake sit until the milk is absorbed.  Use as much or as little milk that you want.  I used about 2/3 of the can.
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5) Warm up the hot fudge and drizzle it all over the cake.  Refrigerate and cool for 2 hours.
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6) Add the whip cream topping over the cake and then add the DOVE® Fruit.  
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Refrigerate for another hour and then serve and enjoy the wonderfulness of it!
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The cake was so moist and yummy!  Plus I love the whip cream as the topping, so light and fluffy!  The DOVE® Fruit gave it a nice flavor and make it even more yummy! 
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Have you been wanting to try out the new DOVE® Fruit?  If so, you should check out DOVE® Fruit social hub, it has great recipes and more!  And make sure to print out this coupon too!


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This cake looks like my type of dessert! Love adding the DOVE® Fruit! #client