Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Easy DIY 4th of July Shirt: Fireworks Shirt using Pipe Cleaners

I'm starting a new tradition with my kids- every 4th of July they get to make their own shirts.  That means I let them completely do it, paint and all.  They love it and they love to wear shirts that they made!  Last's years shirts are still me favorite,  My kids still wear their flags shirts all. the. time.  And they still look great.  

A few years back I made these fireworks shirts for my kids, but I made them for them.  This year I let them do it and they of course had a blast.   
Here is the one I made for my little 2 year old.  Enjoy the fun video :).  They are super easy to make.  You just need paint and pipe cleaners.  I used the ones from Craft Project Ideas.   
And that's it!!  They are super easy and super fun!!!  
DIY-4th-of-July-Fireworks-Shirt (2)

DIY-4th-of-July-Fireworks-Shirt (3)
Here are my 4 older kids working on theirs.  I just buy the white shirts that come in a 3 or 5 packs (in the boy section).  They are super cheap (like $5 for 3 shirts).
Even though they all got white shirts, all the shirt look different and I love it!!!  It shows their personalities for sure.  Like my 6 year old's shirt has a ton of paint on it (last year's did too).  We are excited to wear these this weekend!! :)