Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Funny Men’s Shirt- DIY Nerdy Chemistry Shirt

My husband's birthday was this past weekend and I like to make him funny shirts for his birthday.  Well I saw something like this on Facebook one day and the chemistry major in me knew that I HAD to make it!  I just loved it because it's so funny and clever.  So I made him this shirt for his birthday (and then I loved it so much that I made one for myself too!).  


The first thing I did was cut out the design onto vinyl with my Silhouette.  I used vinyl because when it comes to weeding the design, vinyl is by far the easiest to weed (remove excess vinyl).  
DIY-Nerdy-Chemisty-Funny-Shirt (2)
I cut it out and then instead of taking off the excess vinyl, I actually took off the words (what you would normally leave to put onto something).  By doing this, it makes a stencil to use to paint with.  
DIY-Nerdy-Chemisty-Funny-Shirt (3)
Using transfer paper, I put the vinyl onto the shirt. 
DIY-Nerdy-Chemisty-Funny-Shirt (4)
Here it is all ready to be painted.  
DIY-Nerdy-Chemisty-Funny-Shirt (5)
*Make sure you put something in between the shirt, like card board, so it doesn't leak through to the back of the shirt.*
Using some blue fabric paint I carefully painted the words.  Make sure to get a decent amount on there so there isn't any white showing through.
DIY-Nerdy-Chemisty-Funny-Shirt (7)
Once the paint was completely dry, I took off the vinyl.
DIY-Nerdy-Chemisty-Funny-Shirt (8)
Then I ironed the paint (to make it last longer). 
DIY-Nerdy-Chemisty-Funny-Shirt (10)
And that's it!!!  It was so easy to make and I LOVE how it turned out!  
DIY-Nerdy-Chemisty-Funny-Shirt (11)

DIY-Nerdy-Chemisty-Funny-Shirt (12)
I loved it so much that I made one for myself with glitter heat transfer vinyl.  All you have to do is cut out the design (mirrored horizontally) and then weed the vinyl, this time just leaving the design.
DIY-Nerdy-Chemisty-Funny-Shirt (13)
Iron it on and then peel away the plastic. 
DIY-Nerdy-Chemisty-Funny-Shirt (14)
And that's it!  Super easy, sparkly and fun :).  
DIY-Nerdy-Chemisty-Funny-Shirt (15)