Monday, August 31, 2015

Boys Homework Station: DIY Minecraft Crafting Table

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My boys are obsessed with Minecraft.  They just love it.  Since school is starting this week for us, I need to make a homework station for my boys to do their homework on.  This is what we came up with- a Minecraft Crafting table.

For the past three months I have been rearranging our house.  It all started with the large barn door we made back in April.  Because of that door, we basically added a new room to our house and so we have been changing things up ever since.  My oldest son got his our bedroom downstairs and that left two of my boys sharing the same room.  My 8 year old was upset because my oldest got his own room and he got stuff in the "kid room" with all the toys (and was forced to clean them all up).  So this past week my goal was to make their Minecraft room into a big boy room instead of a little kid room.  I moved the toys to my 2 year old's room, moved the little table out of the room and then built a more grown up homework station for them, including the awesome crafting table.

House pictures 8-30-14 (9)

This is how I made it:
I got a 24”x48” sheet of melamine board for the top and then 10 foot long 4x4 board.  I cut the 4x4 board to be 29 1/2” and made the 4 legs.
DIY-Minecraft-Crafting-Table (1)
To attach the legs, I screwed 3-4 3” wood screws directly into the top and through the legs.
DIY-Minecraft-Crafting-Table (2)
I filled it with wood filler, then sanded the whole top.  The table was super easy to make and only took about 30 minutes to do.
DIY-Minecraft-Crafting-Table (3)
Now for the fun part, making it look like a crafting table from Minecraft.  Using a L square, I made squares onto it.  Each square was 2”x2”.
DIY-Minecraft-Crafting-Table (4)
Using a little Minecraft crafting table toy, I marked the squares what color they needed to be.
DIY-Minecraft-Crafting-Table (5)
I started painting.  I taped off each section and painted all the colors separately.  I started with the black border and then moved into the middle.  I did two-three coats for each color and wanted for it to dry before moving onto the next color.
DIY-Minecraft-Crafting-Table (6)
And here is what the top of it looks like compared to the little toy.
DIY-Minecraft-Crafting-Table (12)
To protect the design, I sprayed the top of it with a lacquer.  I did 3-4 coats and let it dry for 24 hours.
DIY-Minecraft-Crafting-Table (13)
On the crafting table the legs have tools, so using 3”x3” squares of vinyl ( I just cut out with a paper trimmer), I decorated the legs.  I put all the cream squares on and then I designed and cut out the tools with my Silhouette.  I put a layer of mod podge over the legs to give it a seal (don’t use the lacquer because it makes the vinyl crinkle up, I made that mistake and it’s not pretty).
DIY-Minecraft-Crafting-Table (7)
And that’s it!!  It is amazing what a little paint, vinyl and time can do!
DIY-Minecraft-Crafting-Table (15)
I added some fun black stools to it and it makes the perfect homework table. It’s nice and big, so plenty of room to spread out.
DIY-Minecraft-Crafting-Table (24)
I also built some shelves to organize their supplies, books and toys long with some Creeper book ends.
DIY-Minecraft-Crafting-Table (36)

DIY-Minecraft-Crafting-Table (28)

DIY-Minecraft-Crafting-Table (37)

DIY-Minecraft-Crafting-Table (34)
My son loves it!  He immediately started to decorate it with his Minecraft toys.  He’s excited to do his homework on it!