Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Pajamas Idea- Easy DIY Minecraft Pajamas

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One of our family’s traditions is opening one present on Christmas Eve.  And that one present is new pajamas.  I like to either buy/make pajamas that are characters of movies/games that they like.  My little girl is fairly easy because she loves all the Disney stuff and they are super popular, so I just picked her up a pair during Black Friday.  But boys are a different story, they like some of stuff that is popular right now, but they are obsessed with Minecraft.  And because Minecraft is newer they still don’t have a ton of stuff available, that isn’t super expensive.  I found a pair online that I loved but they were about $20 a pair, which times that by 4 and it’s really expensive.  So I decided to make a similar design and make them myself.  They only cost about $6 each to make, much better than $20 plus they turned out so cute and good, I can’t wait to give them to my kids on Christmas Eve.  

This is how I made them:
I picked up several shirts for our dollar store.  You can put the design on two ways, you can use vinyl and fabric paint or you can use heat transfer vinyl.  Either way is a great way, it just depends on what you prefer (or have on hand).

The first thing I did was make the design on Silhouette Studio.  I then cut it out with vinyl.  I then removed the images, leaving a stencil to use to paint with.

Using transfer paper, I put the transfer paper over the vinyl, removed the backing and then put it onto the shirt.  You have to go slowly because there are little pieces that can stick the paper.
 I removed the transfer paper and now I have a stencil for the shirt.
Using fabric paint, I painted the design onto the shirt.

I let the vinyl dry for several hours (I wanted 24 hours to remove it all).  I then took away the vinyl and then ironed it, to set the paint. 

And that’s it for the shirt!  I did another one with a white shirt. 

For the heat transfer, I cut out the design out of flocked heat transfer vinyl**Make sure to mirror your image before cutting it out!!**.  I then peeled away the excess HTV, leaving the design.

I then ironed the design onto the shirt.  Then I removed the plastic. 
And that’s it for the heat transfer.  It’s a quicker process, but HTV is a little more expensive than vinyl.
I also made a white shirt with green HTV.

You can easily make the green pajama pants out of a fleece blanket (or fleece material) using this tutorial.  But if you’re lazy like me, you could also just buy a pair of green pants (I got the TMNT pjs from the Black Friday sales). 

Here’s one pair.

And here’s another!  They are all the same but different, so the boys will be excited about them.  Plus they can wear the shirt as a regular shirt to school and stuff.  

Since I couldn’t show my older boys the pjs, I dressed my little guy in them to take a picture and show you how they look on.  He’s pretty darn cute in them!!!  And I know that the other pjs are going to look great on my boys too! 

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Heather Jacobs said...

I am taking you idea and making it for twin girls who cant get enough of this game even though they are in middle school!