Keeping it Simple: Laminate Wardrobe Redo with Paint and Pokemon Decals

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Laminate Wardrobe Redo with Paint and Pokemon Decals

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With all of this talk about PokemonGo this past week, I have Pokemon on my brain.  Pokemon is not a new thing at our house, two years ago we all went as Pokemon for Halloween and back in the day when it was new, I enjoyed watching and playing it with  my nephews.  With fours boys, there's no surprise that we like Pokemon at our house :).  This past weekend we decided that we needed to change up my boys' bedroom.  Their bedroom is Minecraft themed, but I want it to be game themed instead.  We are going to have it be a bedroom but also a game room too with video games and things like that.  So I am keeping some Minecraft stuff in there but also added Pokemon and eventually some Nintendo stuff too.  I have been wanting to redo these wardrobes for a long time, I hated the color of them but I knew that painting laminate can be tricky.  So instead of just painting them, I gave them some Pokemon decals too.  

Here is the wardrobe before.  It's a nice big wardrobe and we like it, just not the color of it.  
I first sanded it and then primed it and then I painted it with chalk paint in the color of relic. 

It took a few coats of paint but it looks so much better than the oak color! 

Now for the fun part, making the decals.  I used my Silhouette CAMEO and lot of different color of vinyl.  

The first thing I worked on was the word Pokemon.  I used this font for the words.  I wanted it to be layered, so I separated the word to make two layers.  I then cut the back layer out of blue and the front layer out of yellow. 

I then put the yellow onto the blue, doesn't it look cool?

For the different Pokemon, I used a font that I got for free from here.  In Silhouette Studio I found the Pokemon that I wanted to make and then I made it the size that I wanted.  Then I right clicked onto the image and then clicked "ungroup" and then I right clicked again and then clicked on "release compound path".  That makes it so you can delete and move the parts. 

I deleted some of the lines and parts of the image, just leaving the basic shapes that I wanted to cut out.  Then I separated the different shapes and cut them out of different colors.  For example, I did the basic shape of Pikachu adn his foot in yellow.  Then I did his cheeks in red, mouth, eyes and part of the tail in black and I cut out his eyes in white. 

I cut them out individually but then I put them all on the yellow basic shape of Pikachu.  

Then using a black marker, I drew on it.  This really makes the Pokemon look more real and it makes it look awesome! 
Here are the other Pokemon that I made with that font. I did the same thing for each of them just using different colors of vinyl

Once I was done cutting out all the vinyl I then put it onto the wardrobe using transfer tape.

And that's it!!  Aren't they so cool and awesome?!?  I seriously LOVE how they turned out, they are so cool and the wardrobes are not so boring anymore. 

I love how the vinyl looks on the dark gray. 

Bulbasaur was my favorite one to make, he turned out awesome! 

And of course I love Squirtle and Caterpie too :).  

My boys just love them in their room and are so excited to have Pokemon in it!  Have you been hit with this PokemoGo bug?  


Bonnie Dani said...

Amazing! I'm a new silhouette user and not too confident yet with the layering of vinyl but this is great to come to when I do feel confident enough.