Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Super Easy DIY Indoor/Outdoor Sign Post Perfect for Holiday Decor

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Every year when I bring out my holiday decor, whether it's Halloween, fall or Christmas I find that I have a lot of signs that need to be hung.  As I was setting up my Halloween stuff I decided it was time to make a post that I could hang signs from.  It was super easy to make (seriously only took 30 minutes or so) and I love how it turned out.  The best thing about these posts is that you can use it inside or outside, they look great either way!

This is how I made it:
For the base I cut a piece of wood 4.5 inches by 4.5 inches.  Then I cut some 1x2  wood for a border, to make it look thicker.  I cut those piece 4.5 inches and 6 inches (there are two of each).  For the post I cut a 4x4 piece of wood 28" (this can vary depending on how tall you want it, if I did one for outside I would make it about 36").  Then for the top I cut some wood, one was 4.5 x 4.5 inches and the other one was 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches. 

Using the Air Strike straight nailer (this one is stronger than the brad nailer) I nailed the 1x2 pieces wood onto the square piece to make the base.  I put 3-4 nails into each side to make it a sturdy base. 

I then put the base onto the bottom of the 4x4.  Using 1.5" finishing nails I nailed the base into the bottom of the 4x4.  I nailed it several time to make sure it was secure.  You could also screw it in if you wanted to.

Next I nailed the top pieces onto the top.  I started with the bigger piece, nailed it in and then nailed the smaller piece on top.  I then caulked the edges, holes and sanded the whole thing. 

Once it was all done I painted it white.  I used an exterior paint so I could use it outside and inside.  You can always stain the post (it looks pretty good that way too!) or paint it another color, lots of options to make it the way you like.

I then added a cute little hook to post so I could hang signs onto it. 

And that's it!! I love how it looks on my entry way table with all of my other Halloween decor. I really like that it gives some height to the table and I can now hang up the fun sign that I found. 

I have had fun making these decorations through out the years, like my paper straw spider and the table runner :).  

I love that it can go outside too.  It looks great at my front door along with my candy corn wreath and my spooktacular sign (which I made SIX years ago and it still looks amazing and is still one of my all time favorite Halloween decorations!). 

Here is a closer look of it outside with a fun sign.  I think I'll have this out on Halloween night, because really, it's all about the candy :).

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