Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ghost Footprints Shirt

I was able to try out the flocked orange and black heat transfer material.  That stuff is awesome!  Every time I use it I’m amazed by how good it looks on the t-shirt.  I took the orange flocked heat transfer and made a fun Halloween shirt for my son.  I love how it turned out, and he seems to like it too!
Halloween ghost shirt (1)
This is how I made it: 
With a paint brush, I painted his foot white. I put quite a bit on, so it would be dark on the shirt.   Sorry he is in his underwear, didn’t want pant to get on his pants…
Halloween ghost shirt (2)
Then I helped him make his footprint on the shirt.
Halloween ghost shirt (3)
I did that with both feet and then using my finger, I made the eyes and mouth out of black paint.
Halloween ghost shirt (4) Halloween ghost shirt (5)
Now for the words, I cut out the heat transfer with my CAMEO.  Because this was flocked, I used the blade setting of 3 and thickness of 33.
Halloween ghost shirt (6)Halloween ghost shirt (7)
I then ironed on the words.
Halloween ghost shirt (8)
I waited until it was cool and then I peeled off the plastic.
Halloween ghost shirt (9)
And now my little guy has a fun Halloween shirt!
Halloween ghost shirt (12)
He decided that he needed to wink at me while taking these pictures.  He so cute!
Halloween ghost shirt (11)

I would love for you to follow along


Merilee Lane said...

This little fella has GOT to have the CUTEST SMILE EVER!! :O)

Thanks for sharing!