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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Super Easy Dry Erase Kids Chore Chart Printable

Kids and chores.  Sometimes they just don't mix.  Especially with my kids.  It's always a battle for us.  I find that I have to come up with different charts and things like to get them excited about doing chores.  Lately we have been doing an allowance for chores and it felt like every week I was paying the kids but still doing a lot of cleaning and really didn't have a very clean house.  I decided that we really needed some real structure, so I made up this super easy and simple chore chart.  

I made up the printable and then I wrote out what the chores are.  All of my kids are going to have the same chores.  Basically I'm not going to be cleaning up any of the kids' stuff anymore, the 4 of them are in charge of it.  
Super-Easy-Dry-Erase-Chore-Chart-with-Printable (1)
After I wrote down all the chore, I laminated them so we can use a dry erase marker to mark off the chores.
Super-Easy-Dry-Erase-Chore-Chart-with-Printable (3)
I have 6 circles for each chore (one for each day Monday-Saturday).  Every night before we do our nightly reading and go to bed, I let each kid have the clip board and their chart.  We walk through the house and check off what is done.  If something isn't done, I have them do it.  They love being able to check off their own charts!

  If the whole chart is filled up for the week, I will give them their full allowance.  If it's just partially filled then I will just give them partial allowance.  So far it's been working really well.  The kids like to check out their chores each evening.  Plus it's nice to go to bed with a cleaner house!  
Super-Easy-Dry-Erase-Chore-Chart-with-Printable (4)
How do you get your kids to do chores?  

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

DIY Dining Table with Burned Wood Finish using a BernzOmatic Blow Torch and GIVEAWAY

Disclosure: I was given product for this post, all opinions, ideas, and content are 100% my own.

Three years ago we bought the perfect dining table for our family.  I loved everything about it and it worked perfectly for us for three years, then we moved into our new house.  It worked but it made our dining room really cramped, so it just wasn't working.  I have been wanting to do make a new dining table for a while now but finally got around to it.  I absolutely love how it turned it out and it was easier that I thought it would be.  I decided that I wanted the table to have some character, so instead of staining it I lightly burned the surface of the wood using a BernzOmatic blow torch.  

DIY-Dining-Table-With-Burned-Wood-Finish #BernzOmatic
Here is our old table.  We had the 8 chairs around it but eventually had to take out the leaf and it only fit 6 chairs.  Not great when you have a family of 7 and you can only fit 6 people around the table.  So we used the base and chairs and then we made the table top.

House pictures 8-30-14 (28)
We headed to Home Depot and picked out some wood.  I went with pine wood that was 1in x 8in x 8ft.  We bought 6 boards and then cut the pieces to 7 feet long. 
DIY-Dining-Table-With-Burned-Wood-Finish #Bernzomatic (1)
To put them together we used a pocket screw (no glue was used).  We first drilled all the pocket screws holes into the wood before screwing the pieces together.  We made several holes in each piece of wood.  The ends had 2-3 holes and then we did it every 12 inches or so.  
DIY-Dining-Table-With-Burned-Wood-Finish #Bernzomatic (3)
Once the holes were drilled, then we screwed the pieces together.
DIY-Dining-Table-With-Burned-Wood-Finish #Bernzomatic (5)
As we were screwing them together, we screwed two pieces together and then put all 6 pieces together.  
DIY-Dining-Table-With-Burned-Wood-Finish #Bernzomatic (6)
For the ends we wanted to make sure that the seam was very flat and secure, so we used clamps and a board underneath when we screwed it together.  Sometimes it took some force to get the boards to lay flat.  
DIY-Dining-Table-With-Burned-Wood-Finish #Bernzomatic (8)
For more support and to help with the flatness of the seams, we screwed some wood onto the 
boards.  The screws were put in around the seams to help make them look better and flatter. DIY-Dining-Table-With-Burned-Wood-Finish #Bernzomatic (13)
Once we had all of the board screwed together, we used a router and rounded the edges.  Make sure you practice on a scrap piece of wood before to find the right setting.  We used the router on both the top and bottom of the table. 
DIY-Dining-Table-With-Burned-Wood-Finish #Bernzomatic (15)
Here is the rounded edges from the router.  So pretty huh?  I love the rounded edges, gives it a nice finished look!
DIY-Dining-Table-With-Burned-Wood-Finish #Bernzomatic (18)
Now for the fun part!  We got to burn the surface of the wood.  I loved how this turned out.  We just took the TS8000 BernzOMatic and burned the wood, going back and forth over the wood.  We were about 2-3 inches away form the wood.  Make sure to go with the grain because you can see lines if you don't.  The longer you hold it on a spot, the darker the wood so you have to make sure you do it evenly and lightly.

  The blow torch is awesome!  You can change the settings on it so you can have a big flame or a smaller flame.  The higher the flame the darker the color of the wood will be.  The blow torch was so nice and easy to use, I am definitely going to be using it for more projects in the future.  
DIY-Dining-Table-With-Burned-Wood-Finish #Bernzomatic (22)
Here is the table all burned.  Doesn't it look so cool??  I seriously love the color and the character the burning gives it!
DIY-Dining-Table-With-Burned-Wood-Finish #Bernzomatic (29)
Now for the base.  We used our existing table base.  We added two new pieces of wood to make it longer on the sides.  We had to drill holes into the wood so we could screw it into the table top.  The key is not to let the screw go through the top.  
DIY-Dining-Table-With-Burned-Wood-Finish #Bernzomatic (31)
Here is what the base looks like all put together.  We also put on one more strip of wood in the middle to give it more support and make it more sturdy.  
DIY-Dining-Table-With-Burned-Wood-Finish #Bernzomatic (36)
Next we put on a pre-stain onto the table top.  You need this for pine wood, it seals the wood and protects it. 
DIY-Dining-Table-With-Burned-Wood-Finish #Bernzomatic (38)
 We let the pre-stain dry for 15 minutes and then after two hours we put on the top coat. We used a clear polyurethane finish for the top coat.  We used the satin finish to give it a little shine but not too much.  We put on three coats.  In between coats you have to sand the wood and then put it on.   
DIY-Dining-Table-With-Burned-Wood-Finish #Bernzomatic (39)
Once the polyurethane dried we put the table top onto the legs and admired it's beauty!  I love how it looks in my dining room!
DIY-Dining-Table-With-Burned-Wood-Finish #Bernzomatic (42)
I made a table runner and a few decorations to go on it.  

DIY-Dining-Table-With-Burned-Wood-Finish #Bernzomatic (45)

DIY-Dining-Table-With-Burned-Wood-Finish #Bernzomatic (47)

DIY-Dining-Table-With-Burned-Wood-Finish #Bernzomatic (49)
And that's it!!  It was actually really easy to make.  It took some time but nothing was really hard to do.  And it turned out so well.  It is so nice to be able to have all of our family sit at the table for dinner again!  Plus it just fits so much better in the space we had.  
DIY-Dining-Table-With-Burned-Wood-Finish #Bernzomatic (51)

Who is ready for an AWESOME giveaway??  There are so many things that you can do with a BernzOMatic blow torch so I want to give away one to you and a $250 gift card from Home Depot to make a project for yourself!  Do you want to win??  I know you do!  Just enter the giveaway below! 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

16 Unique and Fun Decorating Ideas {MMM #266 Block Party}

16 Unique and Fun Decorating Ideas

Tiffany at Making the World Cuter

Tiffany here hosting from Making the World Cuter today! We are in remodeling and decorating mode constantly at my casa so I thought I would round up some of your unique and fun decorating ideas that you shared last week. If you would like to check out some of what I've been working on around my house, be sure to check out these posts:
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Friday, February 20, 2015

Reasons Why T-Mobile Simply Prepaid™ is the Perfect Phone for Your Kids #ChangingPrepaid

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #ChangingPrepaid #CollectiveBias

Ever since I have been married, we have not had a land line phone.  It seems like they are getting more and more less common.   My husband and I just have cell phones and it has been great for us until now.  One day my oldest son was at scouts.  One of my friends took him and she usually picks him up and then he goes and plays at his friend's house.  Well this one day we had some miscommunication,  I didn't know that I was supposed to pick up my son and was off running errands.  He was dropped off at my house by himself.  He's old enough to be home by himself but he had no way to get ahold of me.  That day made me realize that we needed another cell phone for our kids to use.

The times are changing and because of that companies are changing their wireless.  T-Mobile felt like it was time to change prepaid so they introduced  T-Mobile Simple Prepaid™
#ad Why-Simply-Pre-Paid-Makes-The-Perfect-Phone-For-Your-Kids #ChangeingPrepaid
I headed to Walmart to pick out a phone and a prepaid plan.  They had a large selection of phones, they had phone at different price levels.  I ended up picking up the Samsung Galaxy Avant because it is a brand and phone that I trust.  Plus I know that there are some fun apps that my kids will enjoy.  What's nice about Simply Prepaid™ is that the SIM card comes with the phone, so you don't have to buy it in addition to the phone.  Plus it's nice because you get to pick your plan and pay as you go.
#ad #ChangingPrepaid (2)#ad #ChangingPrepaid (1)
I went with the $40 one.  For just $40 a month you can get 4G LTE data with unlimited talk and text.  It's nice that you get to pick your plan.  Starting at $40, you can get unlimited talk, text and data with the choice of a high-speed data amount (maxing at 8Mbps) plus you get this on T-Mobile's Nationwide 4G LTE Network.  And you don't have a contract, overages, or credit check.  How nice is that?!  Whenever I thought about a prepaid phone, I thought about those awful flip phones or ones that have extremely low data speed.  This is not the case with Simply Prepaid™.
#ad Why-Simply-Pre-Paid-Makes-The-Perfect-Phone-For-Your-Kids #ChangeingPrepaid (4)
I love the idea of a pay as you go phone. I like that there are different options and plans.  When we aren't going to use our phone as much (like in the school year) I can get a cheaper plan.  But when it comes to be summer and my kids are out and about with their friends, I will want them to use the phone more, so I can get a bigger plan that gives them more usage if I need it.  I love the flexibility of it.
#ad Why-Simply-Pre-Paid-Makes-The-Perfect-Phone-For-Your-Kids #ChangeingPrepaid (5)
Here's a fun video showing how Simply Prepaid™ can help you stay connected. 

Have you tried a pay as you go phone yet?  If you've been looking for one, make sure to check out Simply Prepaid™!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Kids Bedwetting Solutions with GoodNites* and Dryness Chart Printable

 This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #GNKroger #CollectiveBias

I think one of the hardest things about parenting is potty training.  I seriously dread it and put it off for as long as I can.  I would love to send them away to Grandma's house for a week and then they magically be potty trained, seriously how awesome would that be?  Or even just pay someone to do it, I would gladly do that.  Potty training is hard enough, but when you have a kid that has been potty trained for 4 years and then all the sudden starts having accidents again, in the day and in the night it really can throw you off guard.  That is what happened to us.  And it's not fun.  It's embarrassing for the kid but also hard for the parents.  I came up with a few ideas to help make the situation better and easier on all of us because when it comes to using the bathroom, it's a very delicate matter.  
#ad Dryness-chart-printable #GNKroger
GoodNites* has a newer product called  GoodNites* TRU-FIT*.  It is real underwear that you can put in a super absorbent liner in that helps with night time bed wetting.  I picked up the GoodNites* TRU-FIT* Underwear Starter Kit from Fred Meyer to help with my son's situation.  I chose the TRU-FIT* because of the fact that they are real underwear and that if someone sees it, they don't have to know that it has a liner in it.  It makes it easier for it to be a little secret between us and my son.
#ad #GNKroger
The GoodNites* TRU-FIT Underwear Starter Kit comes with two pairs of underwear and 5 disposable inserts that you put into the pocket.  When they have them on, they look like normal underwear.  Then when the child has an accident in the night, they can just go into the bathroom and remove the insert.  It's actually pretty cool I think and I think that it will make the bedwetting problem easier for the kids.  Studies have shown that 1 in 6 children between the ages 4-12 have problems with bedwetting.  Kids with bedwetting problems struggle with wanting to participate in fun activities like sleep overs.  There isn't a way to train your child out of bedwetting, so that why these products are so nice to have because it really helps with the situation.  If you want more information about bedwetting, check out GoodNites* website and Facebook page.  They even have a YouTube channel to help with it too.  
#ad Dryness-chart-printable #GNKroger (3)
I use the GoodNites* TRU-FIT* Underwear for my son at night, but I actually use them in the day too.  My son is very shy and he likes to hold his pee and by the time he needs to go, he can't hold it any longer.  He is a very shy boy and has a hard time asking the teacher if he can go to the bathroom because he's afraid that he will get in trouble or he thinks that he's not allow to go during class time.  So we talked to his teachers about it but I also made them a dryness chart to help me out.  First off the chart reminds him to really try to remember to ask to go and not hold it.  But also it rewards him for going and staying dry.  You can get the printable here.  
#ad Dryness-chart-printable #GNKroger (5)
My favorite thing about the GoodNites* TRU-FIT* Underwear is that you can't tell that they aren't regular underwear.  Kids can be so mean and if they saw something that looked like a diaper, I guarantee that they would make fun of them.  Even worse is when they have an accident.  It just makes me so sad.  These help because if he has an accident, people don't have to know.  He can just go into the bathroom and throw away the liner.  
#ad Dryness-chart-printable #GNKroger (4)

 Bedwetting is a struggle for kids and parents.  How have you made the situation easier for your family?  I would love to hear it! 

To make potty training and bedwetting easier, I have a giveaway to share with you! Would you like to win a $100 Kroger gift card or a Potty Training prize pack?  Enter to win it in the giveaway below.  There will be 7 winners, woohoo!
Pull-Ups and GoodNites Potty Training Sweepstakes

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