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Friday, November 21, 2014

Christmas Decoration- Glitter Styrofoam Cone Christmas Trees #HandmadeHoliday14

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Christmas is coming soon, woohoo!  It by far my favorite holiday and I get giddy decorating for it.  Since we have a new house this year I have different spaces that I need to create and decorate for.  We actually have a mantel this year and I'm so excited about it.  It very large, so I had to get some things on there that are pretty tall.  I love the look of styrofoam cones tree into Christmas trees, so I shopped at Consumer Crafts and got some awesome cones for super cheap!  
Glitter styrofoam cone Christmas Trees
I had a great time shopping on line at Consumer Crafts, here is all the good stuff I got:
consumer crafts (2)
This is what you'll need:

This is how I made them.
I first painted the styrofoam cones with white acrylic paint just to give it a nice surface that won't just soak up the glue.
Glitter styrofoam cone Christmas Trees (2)
Using a spray adhesive and some awesome green glitter, I sprayed the cones and then sprinkled the glitter all over the cone.  
Glitter styrofoam cone Christmas Trees (6)
Here is the cone with all the pretty glitter!
Glitter styrofoam cone Christmas Trees (7)
I did it with 3 different colors!  I used extra fine glitter and some medium glitter.  
Glitter styrofoam cone Christmas Trees (11)
Aren't they so pretty with the sparkle in the background?  I love them!
Glitter styrofoam cone Christmas Trees (15)
I also made some trees with wrapped yarn.  Super easy and fun.  
Glitter styrofoam cone Christmas Trees (8)
I just wrapped the yarn around and used a glue gun to keep the yarn on.  
Glitter styrofoam cone Christmas Trees (9)
I love how they look on my holiday table.  So simple but so pretty! 
Glitter styrofoam cone Christmas Trees (1)
Consumer crafts has their holiday catalog out now and it is awesome!!  You need to check out it, there is so many crafts and ideas!!  Plus there is a coupon too, woohoo! 

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To stay up to date with Consumer Crafts and to learn new crafts and get ideas, you should follow them on their social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Tumblr and their blog.   

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Reese's and Banana Crepes with Maple Deluxe Syrup #AnySnackPerfect

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We love chocolate in our family.  I'm obsessed with it and I like to make it known to random strangers (it's even in my about me section :D).  We also love peanut butter in our house.  So how can you go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate that you can spread on things?!  Um, yes please! When I heard about the new Reese's spread I was super excited and could not want to try it out.  I knew that it would be a huge hit at my house and I was correct!  It was so yummy and it will make #AnySnackPerfect!  I thought that Reese's and banana crepes would be a perfect snack for my kids after school. So I whipped up some.  They were so easy to make.
I headed to Walmart to get the new Reese's spread.  This is where I found them, the very front of the store on a display pallet.  

This is what you'll need for the crepes:
2 eggs
2 Tbs Oil
3 Tbs sugar
1 cup flour
1 1/3 cup milk

1) Mix all the ingredients (except Reese's and bananas) in a blender until smooth.
2) Use a non stick pan and some cooking spray, heat pan up on medium heat.  Pour a little bit of the batter into the pan and swirl around until it covers the bottom of the pan.  Cook for 20-30 seconds (or until it gets bubbly).
3) Using a rubber spatula, gently lift up the edges of the crepe all around and then flip the crepe over and cook an additional 15 seconds. 
4) Spread the Reese's on top of the crepes.
5) Add cut bananas and roll up the crepe.  Put aside.
For the Maple Deluxe Syrup you will need:
1 cup maple syrup
2 TBS butter
1/4 cup evaporated milk

1) Add the syrup and butter together and heat to a boil.  Boil for 3 minutes while constantly stirring.
2) Remove from heat and add milk.  Stir for 2 minutes and then let cool before serving.

I put the syrup in a little dish so the kids could dip the crepes into it.  It was super yummy!
And that's it!  I added some Reese's and bananas to the top of the crepe too.  It was so yummy and my kids just loved it!!  It made a great snack but we could have them for breakfast or dinner, especially if we add bacon and eggs with them too, yum! 

If you love peanut butter and chocolate you will have to try out the new Reese's spread it's amazing!  You could put it on pancakes or waffles or spread it on strawberries and apples.  The possibilities are endless and they all sound amazing! 

How about a fun little giveaway??  Enter below if you would like to win a fun Reese's package, woohoo! 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Unlimited Talk Text and Data Plans- Our Home Cell Phone #Thankful4Savings

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I don't know how it happened, but my kids are going up.  In just a couple months I am going to have a kid that will be in double digits!  How in the world did that happen?!  Where did time go? It is so crazy to me to watch my family grow up.  Since my kids are getting older they of course want to do more things, go more places with friends and play with friends.  So we decided that we need to get another phone.   It seems like having a home phone (you know a land line that hooks into the wall) is becoming a thing of the past.  We don't have one, we just have cell phones. And honestly, I don't want to have one.

 I enjoy having cell phones for me and my husband but we need something to have at home all the time.  I have been wanting to get another cell phone for my family because they are now at the age that we need something for them.  We researched unlimited talk text and data plans and found that the Family Mobile at Walmart was the best deal for us!  You can't beat the price and no contracts.  

#ad Home-Cell-Phone-With-Family-Mobile #Thankful4Savings
I headed to Walmart to pick out the new phone and starter kit.  I headed back to the electronics section and that's where I found the cell phones.  I found the perfect one for my kids, the ZTE Zinger.  It was only $39.98, sweet!  It's a smart phone too.
#ad #thankful4savings (1) #ad #thankful4savings (2)
This is all that I needed, the phone and starter kit with SIM card.
#ad Home-Cell-Phone-With-Family-Mobile #Thankful4Savings (2)
I opened it up and set it all up on my computer at home, it was so easy to do.  I was able to pick my monthly plan.  You can get the unlimited talk text and data for $34.88 a month or the $24.88 a month plan for unlimited talk and text.  I decided to pick the talk and text because my kids don't need the data, but I can also change it and upgrade if I want to later on.
#ad Home-Cell-Phone-With-Family-Mobile #Thankful4Savings (4)
After I got it all set up, I put in some emergency numbers.  My son immediately started playing with it and figured it all out.  This phone is going to be like a home phone for us.  It's not going to be a cell phone that they take to school, but it's going to be one that they can take when they go over to friend's houses.  Or if they want to go out and ride bikes, they will have it just in case there is a emergency or so I can tell them when it's time to come home.  It will also be great for when we have a babysitter and my kids can contact us if they need to, or if they just want to say hi.  
#ad Home-Cell-Phone-With-Family-Mobile #Thankful4Savings (9)
Here is a conversation I had with my son with it.  It was so nice to be able to text him without having to track him down.  We are new to the neighborhood, so we don't know many people, so this is a great way to figure out where my kids are when they are out playing.  
#ad Home-Cell-Phone-With-Family-Mobile #Thankful4Savings (7)
I am going to leave the phone on the kitchen counter, plugged in so we always know where it is.  Of course I'll let the kids play with it and play the fun games on the phone, but I am going to try to leave it up there so when someone needs it, they know where it is.  
#ad Home-Cell-Phone-With-Family-Mobile #Thankful4Savings (1)
I have been very impressed with this cell phone, it has been perfect for our needs.  It's just the size and price for our family.  It's so nice to have something to send with my kids when they are out and about.  It's also nice to have something to call my phone when I lose it ;).  I love that we don't have a contract and that we can cancel it whenever we want to.  I am #Thankful4Savings so we can actually afford another cell phone.  

Family Mobile is a great deal and has several different phones that go with the plan.  Starting November 16th several phones are on rollback.  Here is a list of those phones:
*ZTE ZMAX- $179.88 (was $199.88)
Alcatel Evolve 2- $49.88 (was $59.88)
Samsung Exhibit- $79.88 (was $99.88)
Nokia Lumia 635- $99.88 (was $129.88)
Samsung Galaxy Avant- $199.88

So if you're in need of a cell phone but don't want a contract and want unlimited everything, you should check out Family Mobile at Walmart.  They have a lot of great options that could be perfect for your family needs! 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Easy Neighbor Gift Idea- Sour Gummi Bears with Free Printable Tag

Disclosure: I would given product and compensated for this post, all opinions, content and ideas are 100% my own. 

Christmas is coming up sooner rather than later and if you are like me, it's going to sneak up on you.  I LOVE to do neighbor gifts, I love doing something for my friends just to say Merry Christmas and I'm thinking about you.  I thought about doing baked good last year and that was a huge FAIL!  It was awful!  
So this year I'm doing something very simple, easy and inexpensive.  I am giving everyone these super cute gummi bears from Haribo.  They just came out with a new line of gummi bears, Sour Gold-Bears and they are super yummy!  Plus the bags are about $1.09-$1.69, so it's a super inexpensive great idea.  They hit the stores this month, so they will be perfect for Christmas.  And seriously, how doesn't love gummi bears? 
Neighbor gift idea- Sour gummy bears with printable tag
Here are the new Sour Gold-Bear gummi bears.  I love the little bit of sour in them, yumm,!!
I created a fun tag for the bears and made it a free printable.  There are two styles, one that over a bag or one that you just wrap around the bag of gummi bears.  
Neighbor gift idea- Sour gummy bears with printable tag (2)
This is how I did the little bags with the sour gummi bears.  I just cut out the tag and put it into a clear bag.  Then I folded the tag in half and put it over the clear bag. 
Neighbor gift idea- Sour gummy bears with printable tag (4)
Super easy and so cute!!  I used a tape runner to glue it down real quick.  
Neighbor gift idea- Sour gummy bears with printable tag (5)
If you want it to be even easier, just tie some baker's twine around the bag and attach the bag.  So very easy but so fun too!  I think that everyone will enjoy it! 
Neighbor gift idea- Sour gummy bears with printable tag (7)

If you haven't tried the new Sour Gold-Bear gummi bears yet, I would grab a bag next time you're at the store, you won't be disappointed!  Plus you can print out the free printable and make someone's day very special! 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Gifts for Boys- Daisy BB Gun #ItsADaisy

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Christmas is just around the corner and it is getting harder and harder to figure out gifts for boys.  My oldest son isn't really into toys as much anymore and I don't want just to buy him electronics for gifts.  I want him to get out of the house and go and play and he can get some energy out and not just sit around all day.  Plus I really want my son to learn how to be more responsible.  My husband has suggested getting a BB gun for him.  He grew up with them and loved going out with his dad shooting.  Now that my oldest is getting more mature, I thought that it would be a PERFECT gift for him.  It is something that teaches responsibility.  It is something that forces my son to be more mature, and I love that.

#ad Gift-Idea-For-Youth-Boys-BB-Gun #ItsADaisy
I headed to Walmart to get the Daisy Red Ryder BB gun.   It's the perfect one for him, just the right size. I found it in the sporting goods section.  I also picked up some BB's and safety glasses there too.
 #ad #itsadaisy (2)
Here is what I got for them.  I wrapped the gun in some ribbon and got it ready to give to my son.
#ad Gift-Idea-For-Youth-Boys-BB-Gun #ItsADaisy (1)
Since my son needs to learn how to use the gun and to be responsible about it, I made a printable checklist that we will bring out every time.  I think that kids learn much better when they see something visual.  I can say something to him 10 times and it will just go in one ear and out another and he won't listen or get it.  Seeing these rules on a list and him having to physically check them off, I think that it will get through to him.  
#ad Gift-Idea-For-Youth-Boys-BB-Gun #ItsADaisy (26)
We headed out to a place that we could go shoot and my husband gave my son his gift, #ItsADaisy.  Isn't his reaction awesome?!  That was 100% real.  His jaw just dropped.  He was so excited to get it.  So if you want to see your child get this kind of reaction, try giving them a BB gun :). 
#ad Gift-Idea-For-Youth-Boys-BB-Gun #ItsADaisy (6)
Look at how happy they are!
#ad Gift-Idea-For-Youth-Boys-BB-Gun #ItsADaisy (8)
It was so fun watching them bond and watching my husband teach him and show him what to do.  
#ad Gift-Idea-For-Youth-Boys-BB-Gun #ItsADaisy (15)
After the few lessons and going through the checklist, we let him try it out.  He was a pro, he did so good!  I love that this is something that he can continue to work at and get better at it!  
#ad Gift-Idea-For-Youth-Boys-BB-Gun #ItsADaisy (22)
It wasn't just fun for my son, it was a great activity for my husband (and me, I shot it a few times too).  
#ad Gift-Idea-For-Youth-Boys-BB-Gun #ItsADaisy (10)
It was such fun a day out shooting.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  This was the first time ever shooting a gun, there's definitely something about it that's fun!  I was so impressed with how mature my son was with it.  He was so good about listening to his dad and doing what he told him to do.  I'm glad that kids realize that gun safety is very important.  It is also nice to know that Daisy educates roughly one million of America's youth a year through a Ten Lesson Shooting Curriculum about BB gun  use and safety (found here).  The curriculum has been around since 1948.  Make sure to follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on their products. 

Do you need an idea for your boy for Christmas?  This would be a perfect gift!  Would you like to win a Daisy BB gun ?   Well you are in luck!!  One lucky winner is going to win a $100 Walmart gift card to purchase their own BB gun!  Just enter the giveaway below.

***Only US residents can enter.  The gift card will not arrive before Christmas.
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