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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Halloween Decor Idea- Witch’s Broom and Witch Parking Sign

Every season I like to change up my decor and for every holiday I like to change things up.  I got all of my decorations out from the past couple years and I felt like a few of the things that I made in the past weren't cutting it this year, so I thought that it would be fun to make a few more things for my house.  Well I wanted to do something fun for my porch. I have this chair out there that I want to put a sign on for every holiday.  So I came up with this for the chair- I think that it's pretty fun and I love how it turned out!

This is how I made it:

For the broom I found this fun witch's broom at the dollar store but I didn't love the tinsel for the bottom, so I went and got some sticks for it.  I took my two younger kids to a park one day and we just walked around picking up sticks,  They thought it was super fun, but I was getting some weird looks from people :).
Halloween-decor-Witch-brown-and-witch-parking-sign (1)
I took off the tinsel and then with a glue gun started gluing the sticks onto it.
Halloween-decor-Witch-brown-and-witch-parking-sign (2)
Here it is with all the stick glued onto it.
Halloween-decor-Witch-brown-and-witch-parking-sign (4)
Now for the sign,  I took a white board and then cut out the witch parking sign in green vinyl with my silhouette. 
Halloween-decor-Witch-brown-and-witch-parking-sign (5)
I used some transfer paper and put the vinyl onto the board.
Halloween-decor-Witch-brown-and-witch-parking-sign (6)
I put a witch's hat onto the sign (I glued it on so it won't blow off) and put the broom next to the sign on the chair.
Halloween-decor-Witch-brown-and-witch-parking-sign (7)
I wrapped the sticks with baker's twine.
Halloween-decor-Witch-brown-and-witch-parking-sign (8)
And that's it!!  Isn't it fun?  I love it and it makes me smile whenever I see it on my porch! 
Halloween-decor-Witch-brown-and-witch-parking-sign (13)

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wholesome Halloween Snack Idea- Bat Yogurt with Printable

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of General Mills. The opinions and text are all mine.

The first thing that my kids do when they walk in the door after school (besides throw their backpacks onto the ground) is ask for a snack. Most days are hectic for me and I don't have something prepared for them and so they usually just go for the junk food. I am trying hard to not have that happen and have some more wholesome snacks on hand so they will go for those instead of the sugary or salty snacks. One of those things that I love to have on hand is yogurt. It's so easy and convenient, plus my kids love it! They also love to have a themed treat with a fun little message for them (they really do get a kick out of it!) so I decided to turn the yogurts into bats and make some fun printables to go with them. These are going to be perfect for after school snack or for their lunches!

I headed to Walmart to get the seasonal flavors of the Yoplait yogurt. They now have Yoplait light Pumpkin Pie, Yoplait original Apple Crisp, and Yoplait Greek 100 Caramel Apple and Yoplait Greek Whips! 100 Pumpkin Cheesecake.

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Here are the flavors that I picked up, yum!!! Don't they look so yummy (well they are!).

#ad Halloween-snack-idea-Bat-yogurt-with-printable #SnackandSmile (2)

Now to turn them into bats. For the Greek Yogurt, I made the lid the bat, I just cut out the shape of the bat and the body is a circle. For the original and light yogurts, I cut out a strip of black paper 3" wide and then cut out the ears and wings individually.

#ad Halloween-snack-idea-Bat-yogurt-with-printable #SnackandSmile (4)

I glued the black paper onto the yogurt cups and then glued some eyes onto the them.

#ad Halloween-snack-idea-Bat-yogurt-with-printable #SnackandSmile (5)

Next I drew a mouth and added some fangs. Then I printed out the batty sayings. You can get the printable here.

#ad Halloween-snack-idea-Bat-yogurt-with-printable #SnackandSmile (6)

I just cut out the sayings and then put them with the yogurt. And that's it!! Super easy and super fun!

#ad Halloween-snack-idea-Bat-yogurt-with-printable #SnackandSmile (7)

What's fun is when they eat the yogurt, it's still the shape of a bat :).

#ad Halloween-snack-idea-Bat-yogurt-with-printable #SnackandSmile (12)

They also make a great snack for me too, I paired the Yoplait Original Apple Crisp with a Nature Valley granola bar. I just crumbed some on top and it was delicious!!

#ad Halloween-snack-idea-Bat-yogurt-with-printable #SnackandSmile (11)

What is your favorite flavor of Yoplait? What is your favorite way to snack with Yoplait? I would love to hear it, leave me a comment!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of General Mills. The opinions and text are all mine.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Easy Way to Update a Kitchen- How to Install Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Disclosure: I was give product in exchange for this post, all opinions are 100% my own.

You might know that we have been doing some home improvements in our house lately, especially in our kitchen.  We are attempting to make it look nicer because it's not that big of a kitchen.  We still want it to have a wow factor even though it's small, so we have been doing some things to it lately and it is definitely starting to feel like a nice kitchen!!  When we finished putting in our back splash, I felt like it was missing something and that was kitchen hardware.  Our kitchen looked nice but I felt like the hardware gives it a much needed finished look to it.  For some reason I was hesitant to put the hardware on (we had a bad experience before and I was afraid that it was going to be hard).  Well it was super easy to do and it looks fabulous!

Here is our kitchen before- even though it's a nice kitchen it doesn't have any kind of wow factor, it's pretty plain.  

House pictures 8-30-14 (25)
Well not anymore!!  It's not plain at all and the hardware really adds to that!

how-to-install-kitchen-cabinet-hardware (15)
I think that hardware looks awesome but it's much more than just for show, it's for function too.  My kids have been really tough on our cabinets and since we didn't have any pulls or knobs on them, they would pull down on the drawers to open them.  This eventually led to this- a cabinet drawer falling off.  Once that happened I knew that we need to put some hardware on to make it easier to open and to make the weight more central.
I looked through all the fun knobs and pulls at D. Lawless Hardware and I was blown away by how many different styles and finishes there were.  They have metal ones, crystal ones, colored ones and lots of different shapes.  I decided to go with a satin nickel finish for the ones that I picked out.  I loved the squareness of these knobs and the classic look of these cup pulls.

Now for the installation.  To make it much easier and consistent, you should use a measuring tool.  All you do is put the tool up onto the cabinet door and then mark where you want to the hole to go.
how-to-install-kitchen-cabinet-hardware (3)
Then using the drill bit that is included with the tool, you drill a hole.
how-to-install-kitchen-cabinet-hardware (6)
And then lastly, you screw in the knob.
how-to-install-kitchen-cabinet-hardware (7)
And that's it for the knobs, so easy to do!  My husband and I were able to put on all the knobs in about 30 minutes.  And they look so great!
how-to-install-kitchen-cabinet-hardware (23)
For the drawers and pulls:
We measured the drawers to find the exact center.
how-to-install-kitchen-cabinet-hardware (12)
Then using the tool template, we marked where to drill the holes.
how-to-install-kitchen-cabinet-hardware (13)
And then again we drilled the holes and screwed the pull onto the drawer.
how-to-install-kitchen-cabinet-hardware (14)
And that's it!!  Don't they look so great?!?!
how-to-install-kitchen-cabinet-hardware (24)
I love how it gives our cabinets a finished look and updates it!

how-to-install-kitchen-cabinet-hardware (22)
And an extra bonus, our cabinets and drawers are so much easier to open now, woohoo!
how-to-install-kitchen-cabinet-hardware (21)

If you have been wanting to update your kitchen (or bathroom) cabinets, then you have to check out D. Lawless Hardware.  They have a huge selection and great prices too, I'm sure that you will find something that you love!  Plus you can get a 10% discount off your order if you use the code "keepingitsimple".  Go check it out now! 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Quick and Easy Meal Idea- Best Ever Taco Soup Recipe

This shop has been compensated by Safeway. All opinions are mine alone. #StockUpOnDelMonte #Safeway  #CollectiveBias

The other day I woke up and it had been raining all night.  The temperatures were in the 40s and when I went outside it just felt like fall and I loved it!! After all the heat of the summer I'm so excited to see rain and cooler temperatures, especially since it means that it's soup season!! I love it when it's cold and I can eat a warm bowl of soup to warm me up.  My favorite soup to make is taco soup. It is so amazing and yummy and one of the easiest meals to make.  If you know how to brown hamburger and open a can, then you can make this meal (it's that easy!).  Another reason why I love this meal is because most likely you have everything that you need for it in your pantry already. I just buy two or three of each ingredient when I go to the store to keep in my pantry and when I am in need of an idea for dinner, I can just make this really fast.  Everyone loves it, so it's a win-win for everyone!     
#ad best-ever-taco-soup-recipe #StockUponDelMonte
I headed to Safeway to pick up all the ingredients for the taco soup.  Right now Safeway and Albertsons are having an awesome stock up sale (from 9/30/15-10/13/15) on Del Monte products, so it's a good time to stock up on your favorite fruits and veggies.  

I found the Del Monte cans with the canned fruits and veggies and the tomatoes next to the pasta. 
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This is what you'll need for the taco soup: 
1 pound hamburger
1 14.5 oz can of Del Monte Stewed Tomatoes
1 15.25 oz can of Del Monte Golden Sweet Corn 
1 14.5 oz can of Del Monte Diced Tomatoes
15 oz can of tomato sauce
1 15 oz can of dark red kidney beans
1 10 oz can of diced tomatoes and green chilies
1/4 cup of taco seasoning 

1) First you brown the hamburger and drain.
#ad best-ever-taco-soup-recipe #StockUponDelMonte (3)
2) Then add all the other ingredients.
#ad best-ever-taco-soup-recipe #StockUponDelMonte (5)
3) Stir and bring to a boil for 5 minutes.  Reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes. 
#ad best-ever-taco-soup-recipe #StockUponDelMonte (6)
And that's it!!  I told you that it was easy!!  Serve with cheese, a dollop of sour cream and tortilla chips. 
#ad best-ever-taco-soup-recipe #StockUponDelMonte (11)
You can dip the chips in it or mashed them up and put them directly into the soup.  Either way it's amazing!!!  
#ad best-ever-taco-soup-recipe #StockUponDelMonte (12)

What is your favorite soup?  I love this taco soup and a good potato soup!  

Make sure to stock up at Safeway so the next time you go to make your favorite soup, you'll be ready! 

Displaying StockUpSale-Safeway (1).jpg
Displaying StockUpSale-Safeway (1).jpgDisplaying StockUpSale-Safeway (1).jpg